fishing-lineEach style of fishing and the equipment used requires different types of line and the appropriate leaders for the best chance of landing your target fish.  Setting up your rod and reel with quality line specified for your gear is highly recommended. 
From a simple mono filament to the latest in high-tech line we have what you're looking for.

power-pro-logoFrom Freshwater to Saltwater, fisherman depend on PowerPro to provide a catching edge over standard Monofilament or even other Super Braids. The use of the exclusive Enhanced Body Technology provides a rounder, smoother, slicker and structurally superior ultra-strong braided line enhancing pitching and flipping, jigging, casting, trolling and big game fishing.  There is more to PowerPro than just thin, strong braided for conventional fishing; be sure to look over PowerPro lines designed for fly fishing backing, ice fishing and our PowerPro downrigger cable replacement braid. Get hooked on the PowerPro advantage! Take your fishing to the next level.


Power-Pro-Slick-8PowerPro Super 8 Slick  Smooth as Silk - 8 yarn Spectra fiber construction braided under high tension to create a live surface that feels smooth as silk.  Reduced line friction on the spool and through the rod guides allows Super 8 Slick to cast like a bullet.  Smooth surface design reduces friction and line noise, allowing you to fish with stealth and silence.  Available in 8 weight sizes and 4 colors.


Power-Pro-ZeroPowerPro Zero-Impact  Zero Impact™ - Tighten Drag, Set the Hook Hard, Give Fish ZERO Chance to Escape! Introducing a Termination Zone Technology™
Line strength in Termination Zone is 50% stronger compared to nominal zone without compromising total line capacity on the reel. Simply tie your knot in one of the clearly black marked Termination Zones and feel a level of confidence that is unmatched by any other Superline on the market.


Power-Pro-BraidedPowerPro Braided Line  Most people choose color based on personal preferences, but for fishermen, color is a necessity. Each application requires a specific color line. Anglers decide on the color lure they will throw, and should also be selective with the color of line to use in each application.
All colors available in these (LB) Sizes: 5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, 65lb, 80lb, 100lb, 150lb, 200lb, 250lb.


Power-Pro-MicrolinePowerPro Microline  Today's anglers are more educated than ever. The fact that a lot of our bodies of water are getting clearer is exactly why PowerPro has created Microline. The thin diameter of this line is going to give lures more action in the water and the kind of presentation that anglers have dreamed of. The three end braided construction and near zero stretch makes this the most sensitive line PowerPro has ever offered. Whether you fish for Walleye, Trout, Panfish or Bass this Microline will change the way you think about fishing forever.


ande-logoANDE Monofilament has been in the business of furnishing monofilament fishing lines to anglers of the world for over 50 years. Their main goal has been to supply anglers the finest monofilament at the most reasonable price.  ANDE Mono offers seven of the finest monofilament fishing lines; Tournament, Premium, Back Country, Monster, Fluorocarbon and Ghost plus a wide variety of Leader Materials.

tounamentANDE Tournament monofilament was designed and manufactured to conform with all of IGFA pound tests and testing regulations, from 2 to 130 pound test. This line is extruded to exacting diameters in order to meet the maximum allowed breaking strength under wet testing conditions.



premiumANDE Premium monofilament is our standard production monofilament and is perfect for the vast majority of anglers. It is a medium-soft monofilament with excellent tensile and knot strength and it is very abrasion resistant.
Premium monofilament comes in three colors:
Clear available in 2 - 400 pound test
Pink available in 2 - 150 pound test
Dark Green available in 2 - 80 pound test


FluorocarbonANDE Fluorocarbon is 100% fluorocarbon with all the properties that you expect: superb abrasion resistance, good knot strength, no water absorption, and a fast, consistent sink rate. With fluorocarbon's lower-reflective index, it is invisible under water. Fluorocarbon comes in tests from 10 to 150 pound in clear and 20 to 60 pound in pink.



GhostANDE Ghost was engineered to the same exacting standards as all of our other products, but with a lower retail cost. Ghost will give the angler all of the characteristics that he is used to when fishing with ANDE Premium monofilament.

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