Buoy Floats - Oversize

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The Yak Gear Oversize Buoy Floats are perfect utility floats for on the water DIY rigging.  Doubling as a Yak Gear canoe or kayak Oversize Outrigger replacement float, this 14"x5"x5" bullet nose float is made from compression molded PVC (whose characteristics result in a tough, durable, puncture proof product that won't absorb water) and features a 14' continuous hole down the middle for rigging with rope, PVC, or bungee.  These buoys & floats can also be used as crab trap floats, fishing marker buoys, water ski course markers, lobster pot markers, crab pot floats and as nautical decoration.

Floats are yellow for extended marine visibility.

    14"x5"x5" bullet nose buoy/floats featuring continuous hole down the middle.
    Made from compression molded PVC for tough, durable, nonabsorbant use.
    Uses include: crab/lobster trap floats, fishing markers, nautical decoration, safety markers
    Sold individually
    Color: Yellow

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