LuminaLED - 6 Cree Flood Light

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Paddling at night?  Launching before dawn for an early morning fishing trip or duck hunt? Some situations require more than the light provided by a high powered 360 degree light or utility cockpit light. With 1250 Lumens of light directionally focused and piercing the night sky, the LuminaLED 6 Cree Flood Light intertwines the necessary safety and visibility every paddler needs for a safer and more practical paddling experience. Compatible in both fresh and saltwater environments, this light creates a light path of up to 120 feet and features the ability to rotate 360 degrees and pivot 100 degrees. This gives you the potential to turn your navigational light into a flounder gigging, bow fishing, or spotlighting tool.

We get it. Sometimes your adventure doesn’t end with kayak fishing. The Railblaza mounting system and quick connect design allows you to quickly connect your light to a 12V battery while also quickly disconnecting your LuminaLED 6 Cree Flood Light to take it with you to mount on your ATV, boat, or vehicle. This feature also prevents theft. For lighting specifications, see bottom of listing.

The LuminaLED 6 Cree Flood Light comes with the following six parts for seamless installation, dismounting and operation:

    LuminaLED 6 Cree Flood Light
    Inline Waterproof On/Off Switch
    Inline Waterproof Quick Connect with 3’ Pigtail
    Railblaza Accessory Adaptor for connection to Railblaza StarPort Base
    Railblaza StarPort Base for Deck/Flush Mounting
    Stainless Steel Hardware for Base Installation
    If you are needing a track mounting option for your StarPort base, please see the Universal Track Nut and Screw Kit

Lighting Specifications:

    Model: L-FL-6
    Lumens: 1250
    Power: 18 Watts
    LED Source: 6 Cree
    LED Voltage: 10-30 Volts / 12
    Beam: Flood 120 Degree
    Current Draw: 1.4 Amps at 12 V - Recommended battery is 8 amp or higher
    Life Span: 50,000 Hours
    Waterproof Rating: IP67
    Size (MM): 99mm-107mm-64mm
    Size (IN): 3.8”-4.2”-2.4”

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