RAILBLAZA TracPort 900

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Tracks, Rigging bars and rails are the new thing in paddlesport rigging and fishing. However, in most cases you’re at the mercy of the boat manufacturer as to which track, dash, or rigging bar that you can install. We are proud to release the new Railblaza TracPort 900 – a universally compatible track for paddlesport and marine applications. The TracPort 900 gives you a diverse range of rigging possibilities and flexibility for RAILBLAZA accessories all mounted conveniently on one track.

While typical mounting is behind the seat, it can also be mounted in front as a Dashboard. To accomplish this and have endless adjustability, pair it with 2 Railblaza Adjustable Extenders to give you more height and forward and backward rotation. The track can also be cut down to any desired length by simply removing the end cap, cutting the track, and sliding the end cap back on. The TracDash 900 comes as a complete kit including all of the parts and hardware necessary for installation.

Along with the TracPort featuring 5 Mounting StarPorts and 5 TrackNuts, the kit also includes 2 x RAILBLAZA Adaptors and 2 x RAILBLAZA StarPort HDs for mounting to the boat. Hardware included allows installation to the top of most gunwales where inside access is available or to mount to an existing track system, two Railblaza StarPort HD track nut kits will need to be added. As an added bonus, the TracDash 900 also comes equipped with a 30 inch ruler mounted to the front of it for quick measurement of landed fish. Note – As mentioned, to turn this TracPort 900 into an adjustable front TracDash, simple purchase two separate RAILBLAZA Adjustable Extenders. This is the only fully adjustable, customizable Dashboard in the marketplace.

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