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If you can’t hold it, hang it. The HOOK25‘s simplicity belies its usefulness. It fits into any RAILBLAZA StarPort and is great for coathangers, ropes, or plain hanging around.

This EYE25 is ideal for tethering, storage, lashings and clotheslines, etc.

The WEBEYE30 is made for webbing straps, reducing fold-over and fraying. They can assist in securing large items like cannisters or dive bottles, and have been known to hold the tips of fishing rods when paired with a G-HOLD.

HOOK25 Pair

Black: 02-4004-11
White: 02-4004-21

What You Get:
2 x HOOK25s



Black: 02-4005-11
White: 02-4005-21

What You Get:
2 x WEBEYE30s


EYE25 Pair

Black: 02-4003-11
White: 02-4003-21

What You Get:
2 x EYE25s

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